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Choosing the right attorney to represent you is one of the most important decisions of your or your loved ones life. Having the right criminal lawyer increases your chances of success at trial. The Law Offices of Zulu Ali, Riverside Criminal Lawyers, can handle the following areas of practice:




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1. What is a lawyer? 

2. What does a lawyer do for me?

3. I’ve been arrested or someone you know’s been arrested what now?

4. What is criminal law

5. What’s an appeal? And how do they work?

6.The police confiscated an my phone. What are my rights?

7. How long does a case typically last?

8. This is my third charge. What can I expect?

9. What’s the best way to protect my rights?

10. What is law?

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We have over ten years experience in personal injuryl law and have an impressive record of court wins for our clients.

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Successful Criminal Defense Trials

People vs. F.S.

County: Orange                                      Charge:PC664(a)-187(a)/premeditated attempted murder; PC 12022.53(d) & (c); PC 12022.7(a)/gang enhancements and great bodily injury enhancements
Outcome: Aquitted/ Found NOT GUILTY by Jury

People vs. M.H.

County: Riverside
Charge: PC 187 / Murder Outcome: Aquitted/ Found NOT CONVICTED Hung JuryFound NOT GUILTY by Jury facilisis. 

People vs. A.P.

County: Riverside
Charge: Possession of Drugs for Sells                  Outcome: Aquitted/ Found NOT CONVICTED      Hung Jury

People vs. T.W.

County: Orange
Charge: PC11360(a) HS Sale or transport of marijuana
Outcome: Aquitted/ Found NOT GUILTY by Jury

People vs. A.P.

County: Orange
Charge: 2 counts of PC 288(a)
Outcome: Aquitted/ Found NOT GUILTY by Jury

People vs. J.R.

County: San Bernardino
Charge: PC 148 Resisting Arrest
Outcome: Aquitted/ Found NOT GUILTY by Jury

People vs. E.A.

County: Riverside
Charge: PC243.4(A) Felony Sexual Battery, PC273.5(A) Felony Domestic Violence
Outcome: Aquitted/ Found NOT GUILTY by Jury

People vs. K.A.

County: Riverside
Charge: PC M245(a)(1) Assault w/ deadly weapon likely to produce GBI and PC M245(a)(4) Assault of person by means of force likely to produce GB
Outcome: Reduced from Felony to Misdemeanor Sentence: Summary probation for 36 months

People vs. R.Q.

County: San Bernardino
Charge: Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea- PC M243(e)(1) Battery on spouse
Outcome: Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea granted, plea of guilty withdrawn and not guilty plea entered

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Justice in America isn’t something that’s just given to you. It has to be fought for. At the Law Offices of Zulu Ali, we take on extremely difficult cases and matters that provide an opportunity to make changes in the law, through the courts, when the law is unjust.
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